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99.995 indium ingot

Element name: indium (In)
Quantity: 114.818
CAS no. : 7440-74-6
Element type: metal single
Supply specification: high purity indium: In -5n level 99.999.
Physical properties: indium ingot
Product use: hon dragon billion specializing in the production of indium ingot is mainly used for the preparation of Ⅲ - 99.995 Ⅴ compound semiconductor, high purity alloy, cryogenic cooling, transistor base and germanium, number of dopant, indium sealing, ITO, radiation safety monitoring, electric contact element, solder, etc.
Product packaging: after packaging of polyester film, vacuum packaging of plastic film or vacuum of glass tube.
Note: the price is for reference only, the actual price will fluctuate slightly according to the raw material.

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