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Specialized research and development, our company has more than 10 years of indium, gallium, bismuth, selenium, tellurium, low melting point metal production research and development experience, focused on the production of high purity indium wafer processing a large amount for a long time. The company has developed several series of products, such as heat conduction (conduction cold), electrode special, special chip, sealing and soldering. We are always committed to improving the quality of our products, and customer 200% satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. My company is the only domestic production of indium wafer surface has no oil or wax enterprises, the company adopts unique pollution-free surface treatment technology, the production of indium wafer surface has no oil or wax. Fast process vacuum packaging to minimize the oxidation of indium foil surface.

The company's raw materials quality is the same as that of indium, which is more abundant and less impurities. No oil on the surface. 3, the surface is free of oxidation. 4, the thickness is good.

Factors affecting the performance of indium foil: 1, the oil and wax of the surface, which can block the contact with the device, seriously affect the performance of indium foil. Two impurities, the content of two impurity elements has a very strong influence on the thermal conductivity of indium foil, and must be strictly controlled. Surface oxidation, the surface of severe oxidation is basically fatal to heat conduction, welding and electrode use. Indium foil/chip: indium foil is mainly used for cryogenic vacuum seal, high-end equipment cooling, nuclear industrial neutron measurement and fuel cell. These areas require the surface to be clean and unoxidized.

Product identification: metal indium is face-centered cubic structure, at the time of solidification will form the dendritic crystal, not so clean of indium oxide can see the silver foil surface crystal flower.

Silver surface to the surface of the metal indium oxide, after contact with air oxidation is silvery white, so the surface clean without metal indium oxide wafer also should be silver. If indium wafer surface is silvery white, then indium wafer surface with oil or oxidation, this also is domestic indium wafer using quality than abroad, the main reasons for the poor quality of indium wafer surface has oil/wax and oxidation of indium foil will influence of thermal conductivity, sealing and conductive effect.

Surface oil/wax indium foil screening method: 1, the indium wafer heating, if the indium foil surface has the oil smoke generation, the indium foil/indium plate surface has oil or wax on the surface. 2, put the indium wafer in the water, and if there is oil in the water, it will show oil on the surface.

Dimensions: 0.02 to 2mm thick and the width < 500mm.

Packing: anti-loss vacuum packing.

Related products and services: we specialize in indium wafer, indium foil, indium, indium, indium, indium, indium, indium and indium powder etc. Supports processing of incoming materials, and is always available in stock.

Product service commitment: if there are any quality problems in the use of our products, the company can be responsible for the refund and replacement.

Warm prompt: because of the different USES indium chip to performance requirements are different, so would you please inform when consulting purposes, to facilitate us to provide you with the most suitable products.


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