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Indium wire
Indium wire
The company specializes in customizing the diameter, length and purity of indium wire. Indium wire service hotline: 731-28284988
Indium be called "vitamin" alloy, indium alloys can be used for brazing solder, lead-free solder new indium is important to add elements to the world development trend of lead-free solder is advantageous to the applications of indium soldering material. It is also possible to make special alloy by using the low characteristics of the alloy of indium alloy, which is used for fire protection system and thermal control system of automatic control system. The addition of a small amount of indium bearing alloy is four to five times as long as the average bearing alloy. Indium alloys can also be used for dental care, steel and non-ferrous metal, plastic metallization, etc.
Because indium has a strong anti-corrosive and reflective ability, it can be used as a reflection mirror on a warship or passenger wheel. Indium is sensitive to neutron radiation, can be used for monitoring dose of atomic energy industry material, currently used in the atomic energy industries of indium, approximately similar to the dosage of the electronic industry.
Indium can be used as an additive in batteries, as a corrosion inhibitor in non-mercury alkaline batteries, which can make batteries green and environmentally friendly. Indium in preventing atomized layer increases, the amount of indium coating was originally used in automobile manufacturing, is likely to spread to industrial and civil construction. SONY of Japan invented the new cathode instead of scandium, so that the cost of each gun fell to about a tenth of the scantron. Therefore, the application development foreground of indium is remarkable in the high power output and long life of TV.
Indium and its compound semiconductors have broad USES in the field of optoelectronics. In indium III - V compound semiconductor, such as indium antimonide (InSb), indium phosphide (InP), indium arsenide (InAs) and so on, the research and application is one of the earliest indium antimonide (InSb), and the most valued and has potential application prospect is indium phosphide (InP), it in the microwave communication to the millimeter wave communication ways, as laser light source of fiber optic communications and heterojunction solar cell material, have breakthrough, showing the indium gratifying prospects of application. Indium antimonide and indium arsenide are also important in infrared detection and optical magnetic devices. In solar cells, the thin film material of indium compound is protruding, with high conversion rate, low cost, easy to carry and so on. Copper indium selenium (CIS) and I - II - VI ternary compound thin film semiconductor materials, because of the advantages of low cost, good performance and simple technology, will become the future development of solar cell industry one of the important direction, prompted an increasing indium in the field of application. Center for information technology in the new industries have arisen, indium tin oxide (ITO) is the indispensable key materials of all kinds of flat panel display, at present there are about 75% indium consumption around the world in this regard, the future still go a long way. Not only that, as the extraction of indium, the processing technology advances, the production cost decreases, the application of indium continues to expand.
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