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99.995% indium ingot
Purity: In99.995 %
Molecular weight: 114.82
Density: 7.31 g/cm3
Melting point: 156.61 ° C
Boiling point: 2080 ℃
Physical status: solid
Appearance: silver white, metallic luster, soft
99.995% of indium ingot products: mainly used in ITO, liquid-crystal display products, new generation of copper indium, selenium CIS/CIGS, the important raw materials of products such as solar cells. It can also be used in electronic industry for soldering, low temperature and vacuum sealing materials etc.
Following data reference number: YS/t276-2011
Purity: In more than 99.995% Standard No: YS/t276-2011
Sn: 0.00033 Fe: 0.00001 Ag: 0.00001 Tl: 0.00022
Pb: 0.00012 As: 0.00006:0.00009 Si: 0.00008
Al: 0.00001 Cu: 0.00001 Ni: 0.00001 Zn: 0.00003
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