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Zhuzhou Hong Yi Long industrial co., LTD. is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, integrated as one of the enterprises.  It is nearby yuntian flowers erea, shifeng district, hunan zhuzhou , and it is  only 500 metres far from our factory to central south five  province's largest entertainment place joy , in the core area of the changzhutan urban agglomerations.We has a good geographical advantage.In 2008, we established our first production base in jiangxi province , the main production and deep processing of indium and indium series products, after a long time of development, has accumulated rich production experience and industry's core technology.From the initial development of small-scale production to complete production and sales team now.
Zhuzhou Hongyilong is introdued to Yunlong district in yunlong district management committee investment consultation , which is as the high and new material project was signed at zhuzhou yunlong demonstration Headquarters Economic park, headquarters economy and register zhuzhou Hong Yi Long Industrial co., LTD., to build their own independent brands, the practice of hong hundred million dragon brand management and quality assurance, the all-round development of indium industry chain, improve the product sales system. Company has technical center, the center laboratory, small metal workshop, the wire drawing workshop, powder workshop, customization workshop, the main production, research and development, sales 4 n5 indium ingot, indium, indium foil, indium, indium, indium gaskets, indium, indium, indium, indium wafer, indium, indium granule, indium column, high purity indium powder, indium oxide, hydroxide indium, gallium, gallium oxide, silver sales, germanium, antimony and bismuth, processing of ITO waste target, etc., in the depth of the indium technology research and development, truly achieve the waste recycled and recycling for the purification of industrial chain. Companies with the latest equipment for production, the existing 7 sets of vacuum distillation unit, zone melting furnace 4 sets, 2 sets of vacuum smelting equipment and THM portable heating equipment, vacuum ball mill equipment, electrolytic 5 for the whole set of equipment.Central lab with laser particle size analyzer, atomic absorption spectrometer, ICP - MS, icp-aes and engage, detection of < 99.999% purity of product. Our production and technical personnel for fixed partial short-term business studies, in order to improve employees' ability, the tutorial mentoring relationship.Particularly attaches great importance to environmental protection work for company, for fine production of raw materials, production process management, the customization, makes every effort to quantify, dynamic management of production process, strictly control the production process.Company for a long time to product production technology and equipment for investment funds, to strict management, product quality and related materials of universities laboratory maintain long-term relations of cooperation, the trial-manufacture of new products must carry on the long-term repeated experiments, makes every effort to products with perfect state of present customers, to meet the different needs of customers.In the future we in technological innovation, leading the industry development in product quality of life for the company, with the idea to develop green new energy materials, together to create a better future.

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