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Founded in May 2002, hunan chaling, chaling material recycling companies, the concentration and zhuzhou smelter, ShuiKouShan, supply and marketing cooperative yuguang gold &lead etc.
In June 2008, jiangxi province set up production base, mainly for material recycling process.
Founded in April 2012, zhuzhou dragon billion new material co., LTD., sales product indium, indium, and indium related products.
- in 2013, buying yunlong demonstration area headquarters economic park in E building for office, production area, the establishment of zhuzhou hong hundred million dragon industrial co., LTD., as a permanent address, implement the development policy of the whole industry chain, as a high material enterprise, enterprise to develop new materials.
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Address:Zhuzhou Yunlong demonstration area headquarters economic zone in Hunan Province E4 Building
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